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What are Stubs in MLB The Show '17?

MLB Stubs are the in-game, virtual currency used to build your MLB Ultimate Team. Stubs can be earned by completing numerous activities in the game, by purchasing packs from EA directly and then selling the cards on an Auction House, or our favorite, buying MLB Stubs directly from us. These stubs are then used on an Auction House to purchase different cards that you can use in-game. To see how many stubs you currently have, look at the top right corner of the screen when you are inside the game mode. Anytime you purchase or sell a card your stub amount will update automatically.

Why Buy MLB 17 Stubs (MLB Stubs)?


It takes far too much time to buy packs, research the prices of the cards you get, and list and manage all the auctions, to end up not getting the amount of stubs you expected! Challenges and other in-game activities are boring and most often, not worth the time invested. We almost always deliver your stubs within 10 minutes. This way you can buy the player(s) you want and be on your way to building your ultimate Dream Team!


Packs, bundles and other offers from EA are extremely expensive. And nothing is guaranteed in these packs! We have bought all different types of packs and offers in an effort to find out what the average return on investment is, and we've found that buying MLB 17 stubs in the game directly from Sony is almost always cheaper. At MLBStubKing.com, we will ALWAYS offer stubs at a price lower than what you have to pay in-game buying them direct! Its a no-brainer!

Monetarily Adventageous

Players should be able to buy the players they want without jumping through hoops. Time is so valuable and it makes no sense to play Sony's game of "Lotto" with packs. Buying MLB stubs from us and then purchasing the precise players you want to means you have the best possible team for the least amount of money!

>Why Buy MLB 17 Stubs (MLB Stubs)?

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Choose the console you use to play MLB 2017 Ultimate Team.

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Select the amount of stubs you would like to purchase and enter the details of a worthless player card that you can sell to us.

Step 3

Complete payment for your stubs. If you have any questions give us a call at 1-786-714-4224 or Live Chat with us.

Step 4

Place the card on the Auction House in the game. We'll buy it, transferring the stubs to you!

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