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Diamond Dynasty is a baseball card collector / video game enthusiasts' dream! It's a mode within MLB The Show 18 that allows you to build a fantasy team using virtual baseball cards. The players can vary from today's most popular players such as Mike Trout to pastime heroes such as Babe Ruth. These virtual cards are either earned by playing or purchased with an in-game currency known as Stubs (more on that later). The virtual cards you collect are used when you play the game, so typically the better, rarer, more expensive cards give you the best opportunity to win when playing the computer or against others online. With weekly gameplay and content upgrades made throughout the year, Diamond Dynasty is definitely the 'must play' mode within MLB The Show 18.


Stubs are the in-game, virtual currency used to build your MLB The Show 18 Diamond Dynasty Team. Stubs can be earned by completing numerous activities in the game; purchasing them directly from Sony at a premium; buying virtual packs in-game & then selling the cards on the Community Market; or, our favorite, buying MLB The Show 18 Stubs directly from us at a 40% discount (to Sonyís price)! These stubs can then be used on the Community Market to purchase different cards to better your chances to win in-game. To see how many stubs you currently have, look at the top right corner of the screen when you are inside the game mode. Anytime you purchase or sell a card, your stub amount will update automatically.

Why Buy MLB The Show 18 Diamond Dynasty Stubs?


Though buying packs is fun, itís basically gambling. Unless you are willing (and able) to sell every card you pull in the packs for the maximum price possible, the majority of the time you are throwing money out the window. It takes way too long to research the prices, list the orders, and manage them just to end up not getting the amount of stubs you would expect to get back. In-game missions are often boring and not worth the time invested. We recommend buying stubs so you can get the exact cards you want and leave the grinders to buy packs and sell cards on the Community Market.


Sony gives you the option to buy stubs directly from them, which is great compared to only being able to gamble on the packs. However, the price is very high. If you paid for 1 million stubs direct from Sony, you would be paying $667! Ours are 40% off every day and can be delivered in as quickly as 15 minutes after ordering. We allow you to save a considerable amount of money and build your team more efficiently and on a budget.

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When your order goes through, you will receive an email with a certain playerís details.
Purchase the player card we specified in your email (you must have at least 20 stubs in your account).
Immediately create a sell order for the amount of stubs purchased. We will buy that card, transferring the stubs to you!

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